What do Little Pantries look like?

Air Station (Air Kit 2)

 Pantries can be filled with cookbooks or snacks.

Pantries can be filled with cookbooks or snacks.

Will they have any artwork on them?

Yes, all Little Pantries that are donated will be branded with the Whole Foods Market logo.

Who is responsible for installation?

Installation is the sole responsibility of the organization receiving the Little Pantries. 


What types of organizations should apply?

Any 501 C3 non-profit organization that sees the need for a Little Pantry is welcome to apply. Our hope is that these will be placed in areas where they will be fully utilized by the  community. 


What is the deadline to apply?

November 15, 2016


Can our organization apply for more than one Little Pantries?

Yes, your organization is welcome to apply for more than one station, but please do so on ONE application. Please provide as many details as possible on your application including how many stations you’re requesting, the desired location for the station(s), and whom it would serve.  Please note—if your organization is a chosen recipient, Whole Foods Market has full discretion in determining the quantity and type of station you receive.