Whole Foods Market Rocky Mountain Region Donation Programs


At Whole Foods Market, we value our schools greatly by providing in-kind donations (when available) to local community initiatives. If you are a school that would like to apply for a donation please. To apply, click here.  


This is the big one! Each quarter, all of our stores donate 5% of total sales from one day to a non-profit organization or school. The organizations that we work with for 5% Days will have values that align with the themes outlined below, and have the ability to make a large impact on our communities.


February-March :: Environmental Stewardship/ Sustainable Business

April-June :: Healthy Food Access

July-September :: Food As A Community Builder


Note :: Only 1 recipient is chosen per quarter for 5% Days per state. That means that being selected for this program is highly competitive (but highly rewarded if chosen).

If you feel like your organization is the right fit,

To apply please click here.


As a recipient in our Your Change Creates Change program, customers that shop with a reusable grocery bag will have the opportunity of donating their bag credits to you.

To apply please click here.


Raise money for your school or nonprofit organization.

Here's how it works:

Enroll your organization | Buy a bundle of our gift cards through our partner at a discounted price (3% off) | The gift cards will be shipped directly to you | Sell those cards at face value to school or nonprofit supporters and keep the profit!

Supporters use the gift cards for their regular shopping trips to Whole Foods Market®

Get more details or apply now.